Leyenda (Fest) @ Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur on Feb 23-24,2023


Leyenda, the political carnival organized by the department of political science, Sree Kerala Varma College is a genuine effort to create a nexus between ingenious young minds and the society. There exist a vaccum in terms of extra curricular activities for social science in general and political science in particular in the higher education. Leyanda is an effort to fill this vaccum to inspire social science /political science students by giving them an opportunity to express and explore themselves through an extra curricular interdisciplinary platform. The program likewise put forth an attempts to recognize and recollect the endeavors of people who makes contributions in the field of human rights. The unique activities also seeks to underline the changing notion of human rights in the post modern society and thereby evolve critical perspectives for youths and civil society for understanding political transformation happening around them. Leyenda provides extraordinary exercises to Motivate the younger generation to take up social science especially political science as a disciple for their intellectual or professional advancements along with a contribution towards political transformation.

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