Zeronix 2K23 @ The Sre C Achutha Menon Government College, Thrissur on Feb 6 - 7, 2023


The Research and PG Department of Economics of Sre C Achutha Menon Government College, Thrissur presents  Zeronix 2K23 on February 6 and 7.  It  is an entire gamut of activities where we provide a platform for every student irrespective of their area of expertise to showcase their talents in academics as well as cultural events. Economics is not just about money or the market it's all about how we make decisions in our daily life whether it may be career or family. Thus in a broader view, we all are actors in the economy and we all have an economist inside us. We through our humble endeavor intend to bring out your hidden talents.

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👉🏻 Rules and Regulations

Contact No: 9446443477, 9495971348, 9400736689 


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