Arthikta'23 - TWO DAY NATIONAL ECONOMICS FEST - @ CUSAT by Department of Applied Economics on 28th & 29th of September, 2023.


The Department of Applied Economics, CUSAT organizing "Arthikta'23" - TWO DAY NATIONAL ECONOMICS FEST by  Department of Applied Economics, Cochin University of Science and Technology on 28th & 29th of September, 2023.

This National Economics Fest promises to be an intellectual extravaganza like no other.Mark your calendars and be part of this exciting exploration of economic ideas on 28th and 29th of September, 2023.

Dive into the world of economics at 'Arthikta'23' – a vibrant two-day national fest by Cochin University of Science and Technology. Immerse yourself in the fusion of innovation and tradition, theory and practice. Explore captivating paper presentations, join the excitement of an IPL-style auction, test your knowledge in a thrilling quiz, and witness the rise of the best economist team. 

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👉🏼For Detailed Brochure 

👉🏼 For Detailed Brochure

At 'Arthikta'23,' economics comes alive through dynamic events that offer insights, challenges, and connections. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience that sparks your passion for economics and expands your horizons. Get ready to be part of a transformative journey that celebrates the heartbeat of our society

The Department of Applied Economics, established in 1979 under the Faculty of Social Science, offers a rich academic environment. Our commitment to enhancing higher education in Applied Economics is evident through the array of programs we provide, including M.A. Applied Economics, and PhD. Over the years, our faculty's expertise has gained international recognition, and our library, home to a vast collection of resources, reflects our dedication to fostering learning and research

For More Details : Aiswarya viswan - 7510858475, Milan Jais- 7558942259

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