Happy Teacher's Day


“I have always felt that the true text-book for the pupil is his teacher.” – Mahatma Gandhi

About us
ക്യാമ്പസ്‌ വിശേഷങ്ങൾ

This is a Free online portal. We share the information about the various activities in the College & School campuses such as Club/Cell activities, Department/College Activities, Quiz, Management meets, seminars, Arts, Sports, achievements etc... It helps the colleges/institutions to express or showcase their activities to the public.

Objectives: To promote the various activities in the different educational institutions across Kerala.

Our contact no: 9746264915
Our WhatsApp no: 9746264915

Owned by : Minu Jose (Blogger)

TheCampusLifeOnlie.com was established on 2 November 2022 with the aim of promoting the activities of the campuses. The Students/faculties/management can approach us to publish the information  about the activities in the campus. 

You send the details to:- 

WhatsApp to:  9746264915  or  thecampuslifeonline@gmail.com  

Please send the following details to us, we will publish 

1. A report about the event (Minimum 5 sentences, Maximum 250) (The report can be in English or Malayalam)

2. Photos of the event (Minimum 1, Maximum 100) 

 WhatsApp the details to 9746264915 

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