Income Tax Day Celebration - organized by Department of Commerce of St. Thomas College, Ranny on July 24, 2023

Objective of the event: On the eve of Income Tax Day i.e., July 24, 2023 an awareness campaign has organized. The primary objective of the awareness campaign was to educate students, faculty, and staff about income tax and its significance in nation-building. We aimed to foster a sense of responsibility among participants to file their taxes correctly and contribute to the country's development.

Campaign Activities: 

1.    Pre-Event Promotion: Before the event, we distributed posters and flyers across the campus, displaying relevant information about Income Tax Day and the importance of filing taxes. Additionally, we utilized social media platforms and college website to reach a wider audience.

2.    Distribution of Information Booklets: We created and distributed informative booklets summarizing the key aspects of income tax, including steps for e-filing, common mistakes to avoid, and the benefits of paying taxes regularly.

Outcomes: The awareness campaign on Income Tax Day celebrations at St. Thomas College, Ranny, yielded significant positive outcomes:

1.    Increased Awareness: The campaign successfully raised awareness about income tax regulations and the importance of tax compliance among the college community.

2.    Community Outreach: The public awareness drive extended the campaign's impact beyond the college campus, reaching residents in the local community.

3.    Knowledge Retention: The online quiz and distribution of information booklets aided in reinforcing the knowledge gained during the campaign, ensuring better understanding and retention of the information.

4.    Positive Feedback: Participants expressed their appreciation for organizing the campaign, as it helped them clarify their doubts and misconceptions about income tax.

The Income Tax Day celebrations awareness campaign conducted at St. Thomas College, Ranny, under the guidance of the Department of Commerce, proved to be a resounding success. The campaign achieved its objective of promoting awareness about income tax laws and the role of taxpayers in nation-building. The active involvement of students, faculty, and staff exemplifies the importance of such initiatives in educational institutions. We believe that this campaign has not only enriched the knowledge of participants but also fostered a sense of civic responsibility towards contributing to the country's growth through tax compliance.


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