Teacher's Day Celebration @ St.Thomas college Ranny by The Post Graduate Department of Commerce on 05 September, 2023

The Commerce Association of St. Thomas College Ranny organized a unique and memorable event on September 5, 2023, in celebration of Teacher's Day. The event aimed to foster a spirit of knowledge-sharing and appreciation between Postgraduate (PG) students and Undergraduate (UG) students, all while honoring our dedicated faculty members.

Role Reversal Workshops: PG students conducted a series of engaging workshops covering various commerce subjects. UG students actively participated, gaining practical insights beyond the classroom.

Teacher Appreciation Segment: A heartwarming tribute where PG students expressed their gratitude to the faculty. PG students presented thoughtful gifts and tokens of appreciation to their teachers.

Feedback: Participants expressed their appreciation for the event. Many noted how the event bridged the gap between different levels of students and provided a unique learning experience. The teacher appreciation segment was particularly heartwarming, strengthening the student-teacher bond.

Event Impact: The event had a positive impact on both PG and UG students. It encouraged PG students to hone their teaching skills and share their knowledge. UG students gained practical insights and inspiration for their future studies. Additionally, it reinforced the value of education and the role of teachers in students' lives.


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