Commercia Inter College Business Quiz 2K23 organized @ St. Thomas College (Autonomous) Thrissur, Thrissur by The Department of Commerce SF on September 08, 2023


The Department of Commerce (SF), St Thomas College (Autonomous) had conducted an Inter college business quiz on 8th September 2023. The event was conducted in Mar Jacob Thumukuzhi hall in the Jubilee Block of the college. The event was conducted as per schedule from 10:30am to 12:30 pm. The event had 11 teams participating from various colleges across Thrissur District.

The Quiz had 4 rounds in total. First one was a written MCQ round which served as an eliminator for the next 3 stage rounds.5 teams were selected for the next round. The first stage round named DECODEX. Involved Decoding the taglines of various companies. The next stage round named  PRIMA PICTURA had teams scrambling for identifying various imminent personalities with regards to various industries. This round also eliminated 2 teams which lead to only 3 of them qualifying for the final round. The final round named AND THE WINNERS ARE…… was designed to be a rapid fire round in which questions were thrown to the teams and the first one to answer was awarded with points. Refreshments were provided to the stage round participants.

The winners were promptly announced and certificates with cash prizes were distributed. The first prize winners were awarded 3000rs as their prize, the second prize winners got 1500rs as the reward and the third prize winners got 500rs as the reward for their achievement. The Program was well conducted and successfully coordinated by the Department of Commerce SF.
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